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Our factory is authorized to produce Grade A pressure vessels by government. We’ve got many technical patents of wholesale boilers. With professional designing engineers an experienced operation staff, our boilers are with perfect quality and performance.

Skid-mounted Thermal Oil Heater for Hot Oil Heating System
Skid mounted thermal oil boilers are special designed for customer who do not want to install in their local or want to remove this thermal oil boiler from place to place. Thermal oil heater use diesel or gas or coal as fuel, the thermal oil is heated in the tube.All equipment, chimneys, control cabinets and piping in the boiler system are mounted on the same base.The boiler and auxiliary machine which should be set in the boiler room are integrated into a base, and the trip of the seat type boiler system.Specific configurations can vary depending on the system and user requirements.After loading the boiler system to the site, it only needs to be fixed in the whole, connected with the outer pipe flange, and connected to the fuel and electric power to be put into debugging and use.
What size heat conduction oil furnace is suitable for the rubber industry? What should I pay attention to when choosing a boiler?
Rubber is used in a wide range of industries, and some auxiliary production equipment such as boilers provide high heat is indispensable in manufacturing. Heat-conducting oil boilers play an important role in the production of rubber products. So which model of heat-conducting oil furnace should be selected? What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing?Thermal oil boiler for rubber industry
New Type 500kg 1000kg 1ton Natural Gas Diesel Oil LPG Fired Steam Generator
Thermal Oil Heater uses chain-type combustion chamber to burn fuel, the energy generated from fuel combustion will heat the heat transfer oil, the after-heat oil temperature can be up to 400°C. The heated oil will be sent to the equipment that uses heat in industrial production. However, in industrial production, the thermal oil boiler is only used for indirect heat exchange systems, meaning that the oil will pass through heat exchangers at the heaters and then returned to the oil heater to reheat, so that the oil circulates in a closed cycle. More Information please contact us Whatsapp:+8613373703313
Fire Tube Steam Boiler  for Food Industry
Textile Mill / Food Industry / Garment Factory Used Fire Tube Automatic 1- 20 ton Industrial Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Price. Because the 3-pass fire tube steam boiler system has a more compact structure, it occupies a smaller footprint than other furnace types. Also because of the dense arrangement of fire tubes, the boiler heats up faster. Given the production characteristics of the food industry, this boiler will be more suitable.

1.Patented technology: Our factory is government authorized Grade A (Top Grade in China) boiler and pressure vessels manufacturer.

2.Experienced oversea sales team: all our oversea sales are with over 15 years experiences of exporting operation. 

3.Professional high-precision machinery and production line, skilled and experienced workers  

4.Localized service office in Bangladesh: providing prompt response to all customer's inquiry and questions. Solving customer's after sale problems more efficiently. We are consultants and assistants for boilers at your side, whom you can easily get in contact with. You can rely on us.


With experienced technical knowledge and trading knowledge, our sales can give customer the best suggestion at the first time, which can help customer saving a lot of time and money.

Bangladesh 7MW biomass thermal oil boiler for wood industry
Thermal oil boiler  (also called Thermal oil heater) provides heat energy for the hot pressing and drying in the manufacturing processes of wood products.
2200kw Horizontal Natural Gas Fired Heat Transfer Oil Boiler
Five months ago, a customer from Bangladesh asked for a Heat Transfer Oil Boiler for his textile mill. After two years’ using, his old boiler was blocked down frequently, it wasted him lots of costs. He made his determination to purchase a new one. We recommended him the Natural Gas Fired Heat Transfer Oil Boiler which would be easy to use and save lots of energy, for Bangladesh has rich natural gas. Besides, we provided excellent post-sales service. The customer finally confirmed he would purchase a Natural Gas Fired Heat Transfer Oil Boiler from our factory at the beginning of next year and already sent the deposit to us. Bidragon is your wise choice.
10TPH Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler Shipped to Indonesia
Indonesia customer order 10TPH Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler, now has been finished production and arranged the shippment.Customer will use this boiler in his animal feed production line.
Location: BangladeshEquipment: YLW-700MAIndustry: Wood Industry

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