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Skid-mounted Thermal Oil Heater for Hot Oil Heating System
Skid-mounted Thermal Oil Heater for Hot Oil Heating System
Skid mounted thermal oil boilers are special designed for customer who do not want to install in their local or want to remove this thermal oil boiler from place to place. Thermal oil heater use diesel or gas or coal as fuel, the thermal oil is heated in the tube.All equipment, chimneys, control cabinets and piping in the boiler system are mounted on the same base.The boiler and auxiliary machine which should be set in the boiler room are integrated into a base, and the trip of the seat type boiler system.Specific configurations can vary depending on the system and user requirements.After loading the boiler system to the site, it only needs to be fixed in the whole, connected with the outer pipe flange, and connected to the fuel and electric power to be put into debugging and use.
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