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Thermal Oil Heater
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Thermal oil boilers are widely used in the petrochemical industry for various heating applications. Here's a breakdown of their usage:

What it is:

A thermal oil boiler is a type of industrial heater that uses heated oil to indirectly transfer heat to other processes or equipment.

Unlike steam boilers, which use water that turns to steam, thermal oil boilers use a special heat transfer fluid that remains in a liquid state even at high temperatures.

Why it's preferred in petrochemical industry:

High operating temperatures: Thermal oil boilers can achieve much higher operating temperatures (up to 400°C) compared to steam boilers (typically limited to 200°C). This is crucial for many petrochemical processes, such as:

Distillation: Separating various components of crude oil requires precise temperature control at different stages.

Distillation tower in petrochemical plant

Polymerization: Creating plastics and other polymers often involves high-temperature reactions.

Polymerization reactor in petrochemical plant

Drying: Drying petrochemical products often requires efficient heat transfer at moderate to high temperatures.

Indirect heating: The use of a heat transfer fluid separates the combustion process from the heated product, preventing contamination and ensuring product quality.

Flexibility: Thermal oil boilers can be designed in various configurations to meet specific heating requirements of different processes.

Types of thermal oil boilers used in petrochemical industry:

Hot water boilers: These are suitable for lower temperature applications (up to 200°C) and often used for preheating or space heating.

Organic liquid boilers: These use synthetic or organic oils for higher temperature applications (up to 350°C).

Dowtherm boilers: These use a specific type of synthetic oil called Dowtherm A, known for its high thermal stability and wide operating temperature range (up to 400°C).

Benefits of using thermal oil boilers in petrochemical industry:

High efficiency: They offer efficient heat transfer and can achieve precise temperature control.

Safety: The indirect heating system minimizes risks of product contamination and fire hazards.

Flexibility: They can be adapted to various heating needs and integrated into existing processes.

Durability: With proper maintenance, they can last for many years.

Considerations for using thermal oil boilers:

Cost: The initial investment cost can be higher compared to steam boilers.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Environmental regulations: Depending on the type of oil used, there may be specific regulations for disposal or emissions.

Overall, thermal oil boilers play a vital role in the petrochemical industry, providing safe, efficient, and flexible heating solutions for various high-temperature processes.

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    Manufacturing Industry
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    Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Equipment
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    steam boiler,thermal oil boiler,biomass boiler,gas fired boiler, solid fuel boiler
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    Macros Zhang
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    16~100 people
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    Middle East,Africa,Southeast Asia
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    Palmal Group,Tongwei Feed Mill Bangladesh Ltd.,Utopia Towels Inc
Company Profile
Who We Are ?
Bidragon Group is engaged in manufacturing and exporting steam boiler, hot water boiler and thermal oil heater, during the past manufacturing process, our technical team reach and developed more than 10 patents for increasing boiler heating efficiency, Take thermal oil heater for example, out technical team design coil tube on boiler top and which design increases our thermal oil heater’s thermal efficiency higher more than two points than the common oil gas fired thermal oil heater, which technical update is highly appreciated by customer at home and oversea.

What We Do ?
We not only sell boiler, we are also committed to designing whole solution according to customer requirement, from hot water drinking of school, steam usage in laundry room of hospital, hotel heating solution, to thermal energy requirement of garment factory, etc., we have designed many whole solution for different customer, which projects now are working smoothly and is part of our honor.

Why Choose Us ?
1. Patent technology: our factory has several patent technology, such as waste heat recovery patent, frequency conversion patent, corrugated furnace patent, etc.
2. Professional oversea sales team: all our sales in charge of oversea market has been trained professionally, they are familiar with our product and exporting formalities, which not only save time also save cost for customer.
3. Good service: no matter if you buy our product, when you find us, we would offer best service to you.
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