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Industrial Biomass Wood Chips Coal Solid Fired Boiler

Industrial Biomass Wood Chips Coal Solid Fired Boiler

It runs stably even in rigorous conditions. It is not affected by the thunder lightning, heavy storm, or high-temperature weather.

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1. Brief introduction of Industrial Biomass Wooden Chips Coal Solid Fired boiler 

SZL type series assembling water pipe steam boiler is a double-drum boiler, the chain grate adopts vertical layout. The body comprises steam drum, water drum and convection pipe bundle. Light pipe and water wall tube are on combustion chamber`s sides. The water separator and surface drainage device are in the steam drum, and periodic blowdown device is in the water drum. Economizer is arranged in the back of the boiler. In the part of burning, coal is delivered by machinery in the light chain grate, air is supplied by blowing machine and induced draft fan. Spiral dust remover cleans the slag automatically.

2. Product features of coal fired steam boiler:


The output capacity is sufficient and continuous: Because of adopting the high efficiency heat transmits spiral gas tube, so the real output capacity of boiler is 10%-15% higher than rated. And either output capacity or thermal efficiency will not low down after running for a while.

Small size, less investment:The height of the boiler is less than other coal fired horizontal steam boiler which has the same capacity. So boiler room will spend much less money.

No special protection when power off:The hot water is mixed cycle and the water capacity is large, so the special protection is no need for damage caused by vaporization when power off.

The efficiency of the boiler is higher: The spiral gas tube is placed inside of boiler, so there will be no cool air entre. The working rate of this boiler is highest of all.

Heating fast: There many spiral gas tubes in the boiler and almost half of the boiler shell can be heated, so the temperature can up soon.

Safe and reliable:The special structure and materials make the boiler being with high safety.

Primordial dust emissions density is low:The volume of the boiler is large and there is a dust separation device, so the primordial dust emissions density will be controlled much lower than the standard allowed.

Easy to install:The installation charge is little and the installation time is short.

3. Solid Fired Steam Boiler Parameter Table:


4. Application scope:


The steam boiler can be used for producing desired steam for product manufacturing process in the weave factory, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industry like: food, rubber, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc, and for heating room and bath in factories, departments, hotels, schools, restaurants, services industries etc.

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