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Gas fired boiler maintenance solution

July 21, 2023

Gas fired boilers are widely used in industrial production and heating applications. They are a type of boiler that uses natural gas as fuel. Gas fired boilers come in different types, including gas steam boilers, gas water boilers, and gas hot water boilers.


Compared with coal-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers have more obvious advantages. Gas-fired boilers are relatively clean during use and do not produce a large amount of waste residue and dust. Therefore, they can protect the surrounding ecological environment to the greatest extent and cause less environmental pollution. The equipment required for gas fired boilers has a high technological content, occupies a relatively small area, and has high automation features.


It is precisely because of the high degree of automation of gas fired boilers that staff can use computers to operate gas fired boilers according to pre-programmed instructions.


In addition, gas fired boilers are also equipped with various automatic safety monitoring devices and alarm devices. Once the boiler fails during operation, the gas path can be automatically cut off with the participation of the safety detection device and alarm device, and the accident fan can be turned on in conjunction to send the alarm message Send to staff.


It can be seen that gas fired boilers are safer than coal-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers. However, gas fired boilers have high requirements for operating parameters. Improper setting of operating parameters will affect the normal operation of the boiler and cause the gas fired boiler to fail to work properly. In addition, gas is flammable, explosive and easy to spread, which leads to high maintenance requirements for gas fired boilers. Gas fired boilers need to be maintained and maintained regularly.


General maintenance and upkeep measures for gas fired boilers

Check whether there are any leakage problems in the boiler. Common parts include pipes, water level indicator valves, flanges, etc.; do a good job in cleaning the scale inside the boiler and flushing it regularly; comprehensively inspect the boiler, find problems in a timely manner and solve them promptly, and keep records for convenience. Second reference; if necessary, you can remove the insulation layer and cover to conduct a thorough inspection of the boiler to eliminate potential safety hazards, and carefully fill in the boiler safety technical registration book. In addition, do a good job in sewage maintenance of gas fired boilers. The sewage discharge at the bottom of gas fired boilers can prevent flue gas from condensing. Flue gas condensation is due to the water content in the flue gas (diesel or natural gas) and the low temperature of the flue gas. Anti-freeze maintenance of gas fired boilers should also be done. If the boiler is installed in an area with a temperature below 0°C, the following protective measures can be taken: The boiler room is outdoors, and the indoor temperature should be lowered to 15°C or 18°C to allow the boiler to run all day long. If no one is in the room for a long time, the water in the boiler should be drained.

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