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20 tons of biomass steam boiler shipped to Indonesia for rubber glove production

January 05, 2024
20 tons of biomass steam boiler shipped to Indonesia for rubber glove production

Equipping your Indonesian rubber glove production facility with a 20-ton biomass steam boiler is a commendable step towards sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing. By utilizing renewable biomass fuel instead of conventional fossil fuels, you'll be contributing to:

· Reduced carbon footprint: Biomass fuels are considered carbon-neutral, meaning they absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide during growth as they release during combustion. This significantly cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.

· Improved air quality: Biomass boilers emit fewer harmful pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, leading to cleaner air and potentially reducing respiratory issues in the surrounding community.

· Enhanced energy security: Utilizing locally available biomass resources reduces dependence on imported fossil fuels, contributing to energy security and potentially stabilizing long-term energy costs.

· Positive brand image: Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental concerns and appreciate brands that take steps towards sustainability. Choosing a biomass boiler showcases your commitment to eco-friendly practices, potentially boosting your brand image and attracting environmentally conscious customers.

Selecting the Right 20-Ton Biomass Steam Boiler:

Several factors come into play when choosing the ideal boiler for your needs:

· Specific application: Rubber glove production requires precise steam temperature and pressure control for various processes like sterilization and curing. Ensure the boiler you choose can meet these specific requirements.

· Fuel type: The availability and type of biomass fuel in Indonesia will influence your boiler selection. Popular options include wood pellets, palm kernel shells, and rice husks. Choose a boiler compatible with your preferred fuel source.

· Boiler efficiency: Look for boilers with high combustion efficiency to maximize fuel utilization and minimize operating costs.

· Emission control systems: Invest in a boiler equipped with proper emission control systems to comply with Indonesian environmental regulations and minimize your environmental impact.


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