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What are the common misunderstandings in the operation of gas steam boilers?

December 22, 2022

Does more fuel produce more steam?

Many people think that the more fuel you add to a gas boiler, the more steam you can produce. However, if too much fuel enters the furnace, the effect will be counterproductive. When the amount of air is constant and the amount of fuel is too much, a large amount of incomplete combustion will be produced in the furnace, resulting in energy waste.

People often see the furnace flame dark and weak, mostly for this reason. Therefore, the ratio of fuel and air volume should be adjusted properly, which can usually be determined by looking at the fire, the color of smoke, and the indication of the oxygen meter. When the flame in the furnace is bright yellow, the chimney emits light gray smoke, and the steam pressure is stable, it indicates that the ratio of fuel and air volume is appropriate, and the combustion is in good condition.

The higher the water level, the safer it is?

Many people have another misunderstanding when running gas boilers. They think that if the water level is higher, the boiler will not easily run out of water, and the safety will be guaranteed. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. If the water level is too high, the steam humidity increases, and the steam quality is poor, it will endanger the steam equipment and production results.

For industrial boilers, the steam for sterilization or cultivation has a large moisture content, and the salt content in the steam also increases. The disinfection or cultivation time is long, the steam consumption increases, and the effect is not good; in severe cases, the purpose of disinfection cannot be achieved. , and even dangerous accidents such as pipelines occur.

For power station boilers, the steam has a large moisture content, and the last stage blades of the steam turbine will be eroded, and there may be co-evolution of steam and water in the boiler. In severe cases, safety accidents will occur, endangering equipment and personal safety. Therefore, the water level of the pot water should fluctuate within the specified range as well.

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