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Which is more energy efficient, a thermal oil heater or a steam boiler?

December 19, 2022
Which is more energy efficient, a thermal oil heater or a steam boiler?

Thermal oil heater and steam boilers are two common types of boilers in industrial production. In the process of purchasing, how do companies measure which boiler is more energy-efficient? Let's find out together.

These two types of boilers provide heat, but the country has relevant regulations. The common operating temperature of steam boilers is around 180°C, while the common operating temperature of thermal oil heater is 280-300°C. Evaporating the same quality of water, the thermal oil heater takes much less time than the steam boiler.

When it comes to energy saving, we have to improve the thermal efficiency. The temperature of the heat carrier medium of the heat conduction oil furnace is about 100 ℃ higher than that of the steam boiler medium. The fuel combustion cost of the thermal oil furnace will be relatively high, and the exhaust gas temperature will be relatively high. Therefore, relatively speaking, the thermal efficiency of the steam boiler is relatively high.

To sum up the above two points, one has high thermal efficiency and the other has short evaporation time. How to find the boiler of your own company among these two points? The answer is simple. The most important thing we should choose a boiler for is the temperature required by the company. If the temperature required by the enterprise is 180°C, we should choose a steam boiler. If the temperature of the enterprise is 280°C, we should choose a heat-conducting oil furnace. Under such conditions, this kind of boiler is relatively energy-saving.

In addition, it also requires the serious responsibility of the boiler staff. During the operation of the boiler, due to operational errors or aging of parts, failures may occur. If minor failures are not handled in time, the thermal efficiency of the boiler may be affected in the early stage, and the boiler parts will be damaged later. More serious losses such as damage, therefore, under the conditions of saving energy costs and energy, not only must the selection be correct, but the boiler after it is put into use must be strictly installed and operated according to relevant regulations.

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