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How to deal with the sudden power failure of the heat thermal oil furnace under high temperature operation?

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If the thermal oil heater boiler running at high temperature suddenly loses power, don't panic. It should be handled by:

When the circulating oil pump cannot operate normally due to a power failure, the temperature of the heat transfer oil in the furnace tube will exceed the allowable value in a short time due to the residual heat transfer oil in the boiler. At this time, the cold oil switching valve should be opened quickly to release the cold oil in the expansion tank and send it to the oil storage tank. At the same time, wet coal pressing fire or emergency shutdown should be completed within 5 minutes.

Also, we need to be careful not to drain the oil in the expansion tank, otherwise the system will suck in air and cause problems. An oil level mark can be made on the liquid level of the oil storage tank. When replacing the cold oil, the valve can be closed in time to prevent the expansion tank and the oil storage tank from being empty.


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